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Peggy’s Approach

Whether in a class or private session, my approach is especially creative at getting you involved in your own unique experience of your moving body. As I guide you to experiment with different ways of moving and point out different ways of thinking about movement, the way you have lived in your body begins to change. Old and ineffective habits, which may have caused problems, start falling away, while new and easier ways of being become more prevalent.

Since the key to moving better ultimately lies in you making adjustments on your own, I place a special emphasis on getting you more acquainted with your body; its particular tendencies and its potentials. As you enhance your ability to recognize how specific movements affect you, you learn what good movement feels like from your perspective. The better way of moving then becomes part of you, rather than an ideal to strive for or try and remember.

My decades long personal explorations, along with my expertise in a variety of techniques, gives me an instinctive understanding of many physical problems and allows me to adapt my way of working to individual needs. I am known for designing customized exercises that are highly effective, yet also have the beauty of being simple and pleasurable to do. Many of my clients find these exercises blend well with their daily activities, offering them a greater sense of ease as they go about their daily routine.

My work stems from a lifelong passion and fascination for movement that began with dance training at a very young age and culminated with my discovery of the Feldenkrais Method®. The openness of the Feldenkrais approach allowed me to incorporate much of my movement knowledge from earlier in my life. As practitioners often do, I began to develop my own way of working, one through which I could share my lifelong passion in a way that is helpful to others.

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Throughout my life I have witnessed the remarkable potential people have to move beyond various limitations. I am passionate about helping people realize this potential, so they can begin to move and live in ways that not only work better for them, but are also more enjoyable and fulfilling.

— Peggy Protz

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