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Private Sessions

Whether you sit at a desk, participate in sports, or would simply like to do dishes without pain in your back, a personalized, private session will immediately decrease tension and allow you to move with less pain and less potential for injury.

Private sessions are especially useful for:

Getting permanent relief from chronic pain

Achieving full recovery from an injury, accident, or trauma

Improving neuromuscular and movement problems seen with stroke, MS, or Parkinson’s

Increasing skill and dexterity for specific activities (sports, playing music, dance, etc.)

Enhancing strength, balance, and coordination regardless
of age

Heightening physical awareness for better posture and ease
of movement

How it works:

Private sessions generally take place on a low table. We can explore movement and posture in both sitting and reclining, or in whatever position that is best for you. It’s an intuitive process where we zero in on exactly what your body needs. Using touch and verbal instruction, I will guide you by sometimes moving your body, sometimes having you do movements, and sometimes having both of us move together. This collaborative process allows you to experience how specific changes can have a major effect on your physical comfort. Even one or two sessions will begin to generate profound changes in how you relate to your body, your movement, and your life.

Conditions I have helped people with include, but are not limited to, frozen shoulder, nerve impingements, sciatic pain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, arthritis, and many spinal issues, especially scoliosis and disc pathologies.

For more examples of the benefits of private session work,
please see my testimonials.


Phone consult, up to 15 minutes

In person consult, 30 minutes

New client initial session, one hour
(20% off reg one hour rate)

New client special, 3 one hour sessions
(use within 3 weeks)

One hour session

45 minute session








Peggy is like an engineer for your body. She identifies what the problem is, then helps you find a solution that keeps working long after you’ve left her office.

— Laura Lees

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