Peggy has been a very influential factor in keeping my body balanced and pain free from injuries suffered over 40 years ago. I have been seeing her for private sessions, as well as attending a weekly class she offers, for over 2 years. Her understanding of body mechanics, form, and function is phenomenal. She is professional and knowledgeable, and has a gentle approach with a keen eye for your particular need. Recently, I had a grueling 2 hour experience in the dentist chair. Later that evening I wrestled with our industrial garden hose! Upon awakening the next day, I could barely get out of bed. Back spasms prevented me from walking upright. Luckily, I had an appointment that day. Within the hour, Peggy had identified my nemesis and corrected it! I walked out able to move freely and without spasms, feeling lighter in body and mind, and able to resume my day pain free.


Laura Brown, retired executive

Peggy was highly recommended to me by a Pilates instructor/physical therapist. I have seen her numerous times for private Feldenkrais sessions, and she has helped me with my unique alignment issues. Peggy clearly is knowledgeable about the body and the Feldenkrais technique, and I believe that her past background in dance serves her and her clients well. I found that she works with great focus but is also fun and ready to laugh. It is clear that she enjoys helping people move and feel better.

Rebecca Bennett, freelance editor

Hi Peggy – So often I come to class in a scattered, brain-fried, rigid-body state from everything there is to attend to in my life. I leave feeling refreshed and renewed, and I wanted to let you know how grateful I am. I appreciate all that you meld together from Feldenkrais and your other movement studies. It is very special for someone like myself to have the opportunity to experience your expertise.

Laura Dahlem, Bastyr graduate

Hi Peggy – Whatever we did today worked almost immediately to give me relief. I am surprised to be feeling so much better since I really thought I had broken myself again by doing too much in the last week. My walk has changed from a trudge to a glide, and my body seems to work more as a whole, freeing up extra energy. My sincere gratitude for helping me learn a whole new way to be in my body.

Sheila Olmstead, teacher

Hi Peggy – I think this is really working because yesterday I played a little basketball, did my gym routine, and went sailing without any knee problems. Will definitely keep doing these exercises!

Dick Paschall, retired pilot

I’ve been a client of Peggy’s since 2008, after an x-ray showed my hip joints were wearing out. With her guidance I’ve learned a variety of gentle ways to increase flexibility in my hips and I have a greater understanding of how other parts of my body have contributed to the problem. My hips are much less stiff than they used to be, and I enjoy the process of learning creative ways of improving mobility in my body. I find Peggy’s approach so effective that I use what I’ve learned from her in my own work, and have seen the people I train also benefit from it.

Joe DeShaw, nationally recognized personal trainer

Since being diagnosed with MS eight years ago, my left side has developed a kind of laziness, with less sensation there. My sense of balance and leg strength has also steadily decreased. Working with Peggy has helped me learn ways to compensate for these physical deficits, so I can stay mobile for as long as possible while avoiding falls. As I have had to deal with changes in my body due to the MS and aging in general, Peggy’s way of taking into account the whole person has been extremely valuable. Working with her has helped increase my awareness of how certain things are related. This allows me to better understand what adjustments to make so I can remain physically active despite various challenges.

Peggy Trahar, retired nurse

In the winter of 2011 I injured myself in a yoga class. Soon after I read an article on Feldenkrais and knew it was the answer. My mother started falling in her late 70’s (she is now 98), and since I have the same hip problem, I decided if I was going to live long (or even short) I better get myself balanced and find a way to get the pain out of my left leg and hip. Peggy was a gift from the universe! Since I started sessions with her two years ago, my balance is much better, I am comfortable when standing, I don’t suffer from tension headaches like I did, and when I walk the dog in the woods and stumble on a root I catch myself easily without fear of falling. When I get up in the morning I actually look forward to doing Peggy’s exercises! Breaking old habits is challenging, but learning new ones is exciting. And the best part is, we laugh a lot!

Carolynne Harris, writer, caregiver, gardener, health enthusiast

I discovered Peggy Protz and Feldenkrais while searching for more ways to manage an active, middle age, sporting life with all its aches and pains. Having played sports for 40 years, I am constantly tweaking something — a foot, ankle, knee, back, shoulder, hip, neck - favoring it and then tweaking the next thing, so that nothing ever feels in balance and I am often in pain. Peggy’s classes and private sessions have helped me change the way I move so that past injuries don’t cause so many problems and I don’t strain things as frequently. Learning to move with more correct alignment has improved my posture and overall body mechanics so I can continue to enjoy playing tennis, cycling, swimming, and hiking, while also engaging in my other daily activities with less pain.

Carol Whitaker, retired attorney

Since retiring, walking 1-3 miles a day is an activity my husband and I are passionate about. So when I was diagnosed with mild to moderate arthritis in my right hip and told to walk no more than 30 minutes a day, I was desperate. I would experience excruciating pain in the hip when walking for any length of time and also whenever climbing stairs. After several sessions with Peggy, however, I was amazed that I could gradually extend the length of my walks and climb stairs without any pain at all. Peggy’s knowledge of how the body works, her commitment to the well being of her clients, and her respect for each individual’s goals and abilities have made working with her a joy and a privilege. As I continue to do sessions with her and work with the exercises she’s shown me, my walking and the feeling of ease in my body keeps getting better. I am deeply appreciative of Peggy’s help in designing a road map with which to navigate my senior years.

Jeanne Fowler, retired teacher

I am a healthy 60+ year old who has played competitive tennis most of my life. I met Peggy several years ago when my knees were hurting all the time, on and off the court, and related foot problems seemed to loom on the horizon. Within months of regular private sessions, my knee pain was gone for good and my feet had reversed their course toward serious deformity. More recently, Peggy has helped me eliminate some back pain I thought I’d just have to accept due to aging and arthritis. I see now that as I learn to use my body more intelligently, I can actually feel better, not worse, as I get older.

Susan Walker, artist

Before I worked with Peggy, years of hunching at a computer had caused me to develop a habit of holding my head and shoulders in a forward position. As a result, I’d frequently feel a strain across my upper back. With Peggy’s help, I have learned how to adjust my body into an easier position, one that allows my skeletal structure to support me more, so my upper back muscles can relax. In addition to helping me with posture, Peggy has helped my ability to move more freely in the many activities I enjoy. For example, when I practice tai chi or go dancing, I am able to move in more various ways - ways I wouldn’t have otherwise found before working with Peggy.

Eric Albertson, computer programmer

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