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I look forward to working with you

Step One: Let’s Talk

 Our first connection may be a phone call. What is it you'd like help with? How would you like to live in your body, and what, in your experience, is preventing you from living that? I'll get a deeper sense of what your needs are and how I can help. You'll get an idea of what we might do to accomplish that help.

Up to 15min: no charge

Step Two: Let’s Meet

Maybe you want a little more... a better idea of how I work. Let's meet face to face, either in person, or on Zoom. I'll take you through a short experience so you can understand more fully what benefits you'll receive. 

Up to 30min: $50

Step Three: Let’s Begin

Are you ready for more freedom, ease, and connection in your body? Skip to step three and let's begin. My process is fluid and creative. We start where you are at. As we go, you get tools to move forward on you own. We work in person, maybe we check in via Zoom. You build skills to enhance your own learning process. 

One hour: $140

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